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Try Timed Math Pro for Free on the Nook!  Click on the pig to download.



This application is recommended for ages 4+.
Try Timed Math Free!
NOTE – This is a fully usable app that does not require a purchase – this free version allows you to try addition and subtraction up to level 2. If you like the app and would like to purchase the full version, there is a link within the app. Thank you!
Get Ready for Timed Tests!
Timed Math Free is a fun way to improve your Addition and Subtraction skills.
In a Timed Test see how many questions you can get right in 60 seconds! You are reminded of how much time is left because the problems are located inside of a timer. This helps train your mind to focus on the problem, and not how much time is left.
I developed this app for my son, who was working on timed math problems in school. I saw that he was focusing too much on how much time was left, and it was slowing him down. This app helped him focus on solving the problems.
This is not just for kids though, I play it all the time!
Choose a sign and level, then choose an activity – Timed Test or Flash Cards.
This is the free version. It includes addition and subtraction up to Level 2 (16-8 or 8 + 8) for Timed Tests and Flash Cards.
The full version has these additional features:
1. Multiplication and Division! 2. Level 3 (numbers up to 12) 3. Custom Level (numbers up to 30) 4. Keep track of coins earned! 5. Keep track of Records! 6. e-mail results! 7. Set a Goal! 8. Mixed Signs (+ and -, x and ÷, and all Signs) 9. Random Flash Cards!
Get Timed Math Pro right now for 1/2 off!
1. Multiple Users 2. Custom Backgrounds 3. Problem Builder Game 4. Relax Mode 5. Missed Problems
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