About Us

Elmore Apps is a small indepedent mobile app development company.  I develop apps that our kids use to improve their results at school.   Timed Math was our first app.  It was developed for my son who was challenged with Timed Math tests at school.  Using the app, he quickly passed the addition, subtraction, and multiplication levels in second and third grade.  He is now in the fourth grade and working through division.  Timed Sight Words was our second app and developed for my daughter who was starting to learn sight words in preschool.  She now uses it regularly to master her Kindergarten sight words.  We are excited about several new Education apps that are now in development.

I have a degree in secondary Education and Psychology from the University of Illinois – Champaign/Urbana.  I am currently working for a Fortune 500 technology company in their training and education department.   My wife and business partner, has a degree in Business Administration Marketing from the University of Illinois – Champaign/Urbana.   Our two kids make great testers!

Observing our kids, we are constantly trying to improve the apps we have to best engage them and improve on the learning process.  They have also helped to spark new ideas for apps!


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